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11 Bathtub Ideas That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Home

Are you looking to create your own private sanctuary this year with a new master bathroom? Take the extra time to plan out a breathtaking setting with these master bathtub ideas, and you’ll never feel like leaving home again.

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Why You Should Have Hired A Kitchen Designer Yesterday

If you find yourself staring at a bunch of 2x6's that loosely resemble the shape of your future home and you still haven't hired a kitchen designer, then you're behind the eight ball, my friend.  However, you have plenty of company, because that's a big mistake that we see homeowners make a lot in our business.   

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Clive Christian - My Favorite Top Tier Brand of Cabinetry

If you've been following my website for a bit, you've probably noticed that my portfolio is predominantly made up of projects featuring the luxury cabinet brand Clive Christian.  Perhaps you've seen their gorgeous advertising campaign in Architectural Digest over the years and have an interest in learning a bit more about them.  Or perhaps you're just wondering how much a bit of British luxury will cost. 

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