11 Bathtub Ideas That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Home


I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your families! I can’t believe that the new year is already here! I’ve been busy these last couple of days packing away all of the decorations. Since moving into our new house two years ago, I have been stepping up my game with the holiday decorating (we had three Christmas trees this year). The upside is that our home looked especially festive this year, but the downside is that there is just that much more to put away when it’s all over. Now that our Elf on the Shelf has gone back to the North Pole and I’ve finally managed to remove most of the pine needles from our home, I find myself needing a staycation away from our staycation! Since we still have little ones in our family, the best I can usually hope for is to lock the door for thirty minutes and enjoy a nice bath.

With that warm thought in mind, I decided to round up a few inspiring master bathtub ideas that will provide you with your own private oasis. In fact, these ideas are so good, you may never want to leave the house again! Your boss will be mad at you. You’ll eventually run out of groceries, and your kids will be banging on the bathroom door demanding your attention - but it won’t stress you out one little bit. You’ll have a big smile on your face as you relax in your perfect little slice of heaven on earth. At least that’s how Idea #7 makes me feel! Which one is your favorite?

While many of these bathtub surround ideas feature beautiful windows, don’t despair if your particular space doesn’t have a striking window. I’ve also included several inspiring master bathtub ideas using tile, wallpaper, and arched niches to make your bathtub setting feel luxurious and purposeful.


Source: Heather Hungeling Design | Madison Street Project

This bathroom had one of the nicest layouts that I’ve ever worked on. Designed by New Orleans architect Barry Fox, it channeled a stately Southern vibe with its trio of matching arches along one wall. Although the image above only shows two of the arches, the bathtub sits beneath the center arch while his & her vanities are nestled into the arches on either side. The undermount tub is surrounded by a marble deck with marble slab panels on the sides. Notice how the wall paneling visually ties the vanities together with the master bathtub area? Not wanting to waste any space, I designed accessible doors into the paneling on either side of the tub to hold extra towels and bathing essentials.


Source: Bria Hammel Interiors

The most stunning bathtub settings are ones in which the designer uses his/her artistic eye to pair the architecture of the room with a complementary tub shape. This bathtub surround is pure magic for me because it does this so perfectly. While any freestanding tub would probably have looked good under those beautiful arched windows, the particular combination of the tub shape with the windows and the curve of the setting, just blows me away.


Source: Mark Williams Design Associates via Ballard Designs Blog

Even if your window is on the simpler side, you can create a lot of visual and textural interest by framing out a barrel arch around your tub. The special mirrored niches on each wall hold sconces are thoughtful additions to the overall design. This would work well with an undermount tub as well.


Source: Kim Scodro Interiors LLC via Luxe

This intricate detail added to the arched alcove of the master bathtub surround creates a beautiful focal point in this bathroom. Look to your home’s architecture for inspiration on a particular shape that will be cohesive with the style of your property. If your alcove feels tight to you, consider adding elements that will expand the view and draw your eye beyond the focal point. This designer cleverly used french doors to add depth to the space, while the framed niche on the right wall also adds visual width - making the space feel larger.


Source: Jeffrey Dungan Architects via Dering Hall

While some people love gazing out their window while relaxing in their tub, others find it akin to running naked down the street. If you are in the latter category and/or your home does not sport a private view from your master, then consider an artistically presented leaded glass window instead. Architect Jeffrey Dungan does just that in this bathroom. The leaded glass window is stunning paired with the clean, almost modern lines of the freestanding tub. He always does such an amazing job of making a statement with the simplest of details.


Source: Jim Howard for Alspaugh Custom Cabinetry

I adore the highly bespoke look of this bathroom. While the room size is not grandiose, it looks like the kind of high-end cabinetry treatment I would expect to see in a well-appointed British home. The basket weave marble floor is such a nice contrast with the paneling, and of course, I am always fond of creating built-in shelving within the hollow spaces of the walls. In this bathroom, it appears that the designer created wing walls to provide intimacy around the tub and then took advantage of those spaces by recessing beautiful shelving.


Source: Ohara Davies-Gaetano, via House Beautiful

While I’ve seen fireplaces added to the foot of the tub before, they are usually sleek modern fireplaces recessed into the wall. I can’t get over the charm of this setting. Although you can’t tell in the photo, you just know that this home has a breathtaking view out of that window to boot. The designer opted for a sunken tub to make the room feel more spacious. The combination of the low tub setting with the stone fireplace is so inviting. #youcouldnevergetmeoutofthistub!


Source: Heather Hungeling Design | Wentworth Place Project

A gorgeous master bathtub setting does not always require a freestanding tub that is akin to a work of art. Take, for example, this traditional, Georgian bathroom. With a large arched window, classic damask wallpaper, and gold fixtures, the tub itself does not necessarily need to be the center of attention. Go with an undermount tub and a beautiful marble deck to let the other elements shine.

These next few master bathtub ideas are great options for creating visual interest when you don’t have a window directly above the tub…


Source: ShootFactory via The Style Files

Wall paneling can be your best friend when you’re trying to add warmth to a room or bring a lot of visual interest to a space that is lacking in architectural character. This goes for bathrooms too! If you don’t have a window above your tub, embrace the wall space with serene painted paneling. Add a thoughtful ledge to display artwork for a classic, minimalist look.


Source: Amy Morris via Dering Hall

While this idea could work in a room without paneling, the combination of traditionally painted paneling looks especially stunning with the tall gilt mirror in this bathroom. Adding a vintage rug and a statement chandelier are absolute musts with this look.


Source: SuzAnn Kletzien Design (via Instagram)

I’m a fan of combining the texture and pattern of wallpaper as an inset feature with paneling, but this designer took it a step further and used tile in the same way. The combination of mercury mirror tile and gold fixtures set against the crisp white of the paneling is very dramatic.


If you want your bathtub area to be the focal point of your bathroom, then creating the right setting for it is everything. There are so many beautiful bathtubs on the market right now, that’s easier than ever to find one that compliments the style of your home and the particular architecture of your room. Have fun with it…the master bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your home! It should reflect your unique personal taste and values.

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Are you looking to create your own private sanctuary this year with a new master bathroom? Take the extra time to plan out a breathtaking setting for your bathtub, and you’ll never feel like leaving home again. I’ve rounded up 11 master bathtub ideas that will help you see the potential in your own space. #luxurybathrooms, #traditionalbathroom, #whitebathrooms, #clivechristian