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What I Would Change About Your Kitchen Layout

When I first start working with a new client, some of the most substantive changes we make at the initial design meeting are ones that alter the kitchen layout. Here are my top 5 most common recommendations...

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Why You Should Have Hired A Kitchen Designer Yesterday

If you find yourself staring at a bunch of 2x6's that loosely resemble the shape of your future home and you still haven't hired a kitchen designer, then you're behind the eight ball, my friend.  However, you have plenty of company, because that's a big mistake that we see homeowners make a lot in our business.   

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Designing a Large Kitchen Island

What size is too large for a kitchen island? When is it best to have two islands instead of one large kitchen island? In this DESIGN SERIES post, I'm walking you through various design considerations for creating an island for a large kitchen.

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